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Project Description

Solar Oven

The solar oven is a box with isolating double walls and with a tightly fitting glass cover. The inner walls are made of blackened aluminium sheet. An additional, movable top made of polished metal reflects the light of the sun towards the inside box, to concentrate the solar energy entering the oven. Under the climactic conditions prevalent in Burkina Faso, this type of oven reaches a temperature of 150 to 180°C. The solar oven is best used with a black cooking pot filled with rice, millet, pepperoni, couscous, vegetables, sauce, meat chunks…, which can be simply left to cook in the solar oven.

How it works

The function of the solar oven is very simple. The reflecting cover of the oven collects heat from the sun, and the thermal isolation of the oven concentrates and stores it and prevents it from escaping. Under good conditions, a solar oven can cook fairly large quantities of food. The solar oven takes about twice as much time for cooking a given meal as a gas cooker, but requires no careful monitoring. The solar oven can also be used to boil water, to sterilise medical gear, to bake bread and cakes, and to dry food. The solar oven needs to be set up close to living quarters and with good exposure to sunlight.

How you benefit

The advantages of the solar oven are fairly obvious. It works without fuel and without firewood. As cooking takes place within a closed container, it requires only little water, and the cooking mechanism makes it impossible to burn what you are cooking. On the other hand, as with a gas oven, it is recommended not to open the solar oven too often to stir the food in the cooking pots, as the heat stored in the solar oven will then very quickly escape. The solar oven also works in cloudy weather, though cooking time is of course affected.

How much it costs

The price of the solar oven serving the needs of a single household is in the range of 35,000 to 45,000 CFA, (€55-€70). The main reason for this relatively high price is that the required material (glass cover, metal sheet, thermometer, wood planks), even though available locally, is still rather expensive. There is a possibility to pay for the solar oven by instalments. It is also possible to participate in a build-your-own workshop during which customers can assemble their own solar oven, under the supervision of a carpenter. Thanks to subsidies, this reduces the purchasing price to only 10.000 CFA.

What we deliver

The solar oven is assembled at delivery, and comes with a thermometer showing the temperature of the cooked goods. A lady trainer from Solafrique will guide you through the first steps and will explain to you in detail how to best benefit from your solar oven. It is important not to leave the solar oven out in the rain.What we need to know: before deciding on the type of solar oven best suited to your needs, we need to know the maximum quantity of food to be cooked per day, as the size of the oven and possibly the number of ovens needed directly follow from it.

Our Know-How

Solafrique has several years of practical experience with solar ovens, their daily use, their assembly, recipes particularly suited to them, etc. Solar ovens are one of the top priorities of Solafrique as a natural countermeasure to deforestation.


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The sun’s energy can also be used for cooking, either inside a closed vessel (solar oven).


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